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Thanks to the use of specific modeling tools, we are able to realize any kind of shape, here are some of our realizations for virtual reality:




More and more often, in the professional environment, are required technologies that use virtual reality (virtual reality) or augmented reality (augmented reality), then it is necessary to develop 3D models with high detail and complex structures, that cannot be accomplished with programs of mechanical design, commonly used in the industry.

In these cases, there is the need to learn how to use programs that allow a degree of modeling higher, free from the constraints of parametric software 3D CAD traditional.

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The ability to produce complex shapes with surfaces articulated is not limited only to the world of virtual reality, but is certainly used in the field of product design, to make it more marketable any device, any product that must be purchased from a public that is increasingly attentive to the beauty in what they buy.


In the field of architecture is increasingly in demand the ability to view buildings or structures not yet been implemented, and to move between the various rooms with the same freedom to which we are accustomed in the reality when we go to visit a place personally.

In these cases, there is the aid of virtual reality (or Virtual Reality), which, thanks to the evolution of the viewers optical 3D, allows us to visit virtual environments as if there muovessimo in reality, all of this, however, requires the construction of a world similar to the one we are accustomed to, to ensure a complete experience and fulfilling.

Our ability lies in realizing in addition to buildings, environments and facilities, even the furniture in his completeness, so that we can experience Virtual very rewarding, For this it is essential that these models are as faithful to reality in all their details.

We take care of with maniacal precision and a high professionalism of each particular model, ensuring a quality product.

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