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In our work, we often face problems concerning the updating of machinery already present in a company's production line.

Not always a new machinery in an old production line turns out to be the best choice, our experience plays an important role in the rapid evaluation of the best method to update a production process.

Often it is not necessary to overturn the work phases, but small changes can make the difference and save you money in the long run. It is our idea that a little advice can solve big problems.




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The first solution to a problem is the correct mental approach.

MECATEC, thanks to its 20 years of matured experience, is able to focus on a solution aimed at the various problems encountered in the realization of a product, such as design, executive process, production problems, and in logistics, in the most varied contexts and situations.


With the new high-resolution optical-topometric technologies called simply 3D scanners, we are able to retrieve accurate three-dimensional models of real parts of your production, from which you can obtain a perfectly scaled digital model for a possible comparison to the original project or recovery of the mathematics necessary for a new project development.

The high definition in this technology guarantees that the reverse engineering process is of quality and therefore usable for a dimensional verification and therefore can be used effectively for the renewal or for the duplication of old machinery of which they are not available for various reasons of technical drawings.

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