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We believe it is essential, before proceeding with the development of the final project and the investment of resources, to prepare a preliminary draft that allows the client to evaluate, before facing the investment, the possible development and the actual feasibility of the project.

Not always the starting idea turns out to be the most effective way, often we realize that first questions must be addressed concerning costs, time and production simplicity, and then start an executive process.




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It happens very often, that companies taken by the need to put their products into production in a short time, do not notice that the production process lacks efficiency, attention is concentrated in the attempt to reduce costs to the detriment of the quality of the components with the intent to make their product competitive on the market.

Our solution is as simple as it is economic and does not involve the interruption of the production process. The counter or mask or positioning equipment represents the most practical solution to a problem of inefficiency, carry out a series of actions in a simple manner, with control of the cycle time and a lower physical impact on the operator, this will benefit the efficiency and the repeatability of assembly, guaranteeing a higher quality standard.

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